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About The WPBA

We’re a bunch of sometimes-goofy individuals who love the outdoors, adventure, physical challenges, our burros, and having a good time with the seemingly improbable sport of burro racing. You needn’t be a marathon runner to join and enjoy our membership. It helps, of course, if you want to win the Triple Crown! However, if just having a great time outdoors in beautiful locations, communing with your four-legged friend and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow burro sportsters sounds appealing, well… that would be the WPBA.

Download the membership application to your computer. Fill it out and send to Trevor Walker, our secretary, and let your fun begin!

We love new members: pass an application form on to a friend!

NEW! You can now use the WPBA's secure Pay Pal connection to pay membership dues. Click HERE to go to the payment page.

Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation


Individual Membership: $35 - Newsletter, one WPBA gift, one meal at Banquet
Family Membership: $60 - Newsletter, 2 WPBA gifts, 2 meals at Banquet


The Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation presents an award each year to the male and female burro racer who has captured the Triple Crown Races and is a current member of the Ass-ociation prior to the start of the Fairplay race, the last Sunday of July. The award is a check for $500 (the 2013 sponsors were Peoples National Bank, Leadville and Colorado East Bank and Trust, Fairplay). The award recognizes the commitment of the individual runner to the sport and its promotion as well as recognizing the excellence of the runner and his/her burro.

To qualify for the award, an individual must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Join the WPBA by becoming a family or individual member prior to the start of the Fairplay race, the last Sunday of July.
  • Win each of the long courses at Fairplay, Leadville, and Buena Vista with the same burro.  There will be a male and female award available.

We encourage each person to join the WPBA even if the Triple Crown Award may not be a reality for you. Your membership dues help promote the sport of burro racing by:

  • Supporting the WPBA website, paying monthly ISP hosting fees
  • Covering media costs such as press releases and publicity packets to regional and state media
  • Promoting the sport at all venues, including current and prospective races
  • Covering costs to produce and mail newletters and email updates