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2013 RACE RESULTS – Pack Burro Racing in Colorado

Ninth Annual Historic Georgetown Railroad & Mining Days Pack Burro Race
Georgetown, Colorado – May 25, 2013 – 8 Miles

Special thanks to:
~ Town of Georgetown for donating $500 in prize money
~ The Georgetown Valley Candy Company for donating 30 bags of Carmel Corn & 10 Large Lollipops to the participants
~ Tommyknockers Brewery for providing the participants with Rootbeer
~ Paula Suggs at the Santa Fe Trail for donating a $260 Cross Necklace to the first woman who crossed the finish line

* Youth 17 & under received $10 for participating…Way to go the future of our sport!

Place Runner Burro Time Prize
1st Place Hal Walter Full Tilt Boogie 1:12:20 $400
2nd Place John Vincent Crazy Horse 1:12:28 $300
3rd Place Joel Malander Buckwheat 1:12:30 $250
4th Place Brian Metzler Jack 1:15:50 $200
5th Place Diane VanderHoeven Stash 1:20:15 $150 + Cross
6th Place Tracy Loughlin Laredo 1:20:17 $100
7th Place Karen Thorpe Kokamoe 1:23:35 $75
8th Place Louise Kuehster Pandora 1:23:36 $50 + $10*
9th Place Jim Anderegg Gus 1:23:40 $25
10th Place Steve Kuehster Finnegan 1:27:50
11th Place Caitlin Howard Titus 1:36:50
12th Place Ross Keller Buster 1:36:51
13th Place David Carner Bullwinkle 1:38:17
14th Place Barry Siff Smokey 1:38:18
15th Place Sara King Java 1:38:19 $10*
16th Place Mary Kuehster Nugget 1:41:30
17th Place Tony White Mordecai 1:41:31
18th Place Mike Vann Cash 1:41:38
19th Place Nathalie Eddy Spike 1:42:30
20th Place Sherri Thompson Chipeta 1:42:42
21st Place Curtis Imrie Willie 1:46:42
22nd Place Shelley Hall Koshare 1:46:44
23rd Place Dave TenEyck Hutch 1:58:30
24th Place Mitch Hight Thumper 2:11:00
25th Place Kadin Young Dakota 2:11:04
26th Place Bill Lee Mr. Ziffle 2:14:28
27th Place Blair Smith Apache 2:18:20
28th Place Paul Wenig Doc 2:18:33
29th Place Brad Wann (Big) Jasper 2:19:58
30th Place Eric Seifert Kona 2:24:46
31st Place Chris Middleton Guinness 2:24:50
32nd Place Shauna Amick Candy 2:24:51
33rd Place Bailey Wann Moose 3:06:36 $10*
34th Place Bonnie Wann (Little) Jasper 3:06:39 $10*
35th Place Richard Emond Jefferson 3:12:54
36th Place Ed Mighell George Washington(G.W.) 3:33:50
37th Place Judy Fithian Patience 3:33:51
38th Place Steve Indrehus Earl (Lost Donkey on Trail) DQ
39th Place Tim Johnson Zeb (Lost Donkey on Trail) DQ

Idaho Springs, Colorado – July 21, 2013 – 6 Miles
Amber Wann, Score keeper

Sponsors and Local Support:
Tommyknockers Brewery, Buffalo Restaurant, Two Brothers Deli, Bojo's Pizza Restaurant, Argo Mill and Mind, Elks Lodge of Idaho Springs, Town of Idaho Springs, Clear Creek County, Laughing Valley Ranch, and BMW Furniture Works

Place Runner Burro Time Hometown Prize
1John VincentCrazy Horse47:53Franktown, CO$300
2Joel MalanderBuckwheat47:54Franktown, CO$250
3Diane VanderHoevenStash47:58Highlands Ranch, CO$200
4Rick PedrettiDakota47:59DeSoto, WI$150
5Steve KuehsterFinnegan48:52 Castle Rock, CO$100
6David CarnerSmokey53:08Louisville, CO$75
7Corey EwingJack53:12Greeley, CO$50
8Louise KuehsterPandora53:13Castle Rock, COGift / Youth Gift
9Roger PedrettiSmokey54:07LaCrosse, WIGift
10Mary KuehsterNugget1:06:53 Castle Rock, CO.Gift
11Steven HartStella1:07:37Arvada, COGift
12Tony WhiteRosco1:10:22Manitou Springs, COGift
13Annabel SaundersKona1:10:23Pleasantville, NYGift
14John AndersonBuster1:10:24Pleasantville, NYGift
15Maggie WhiteMordecai1:10:25Manitou Springs, CO
16K. C. YoungDakota1:10:26Franktown, CO
17Tammy PedrettiSamaritan1:10:27DeSoto, WI
18Mike VannCash1:10:28Colorado Springs, CO
19Elane FlowerZip1:10:29Paonia, CO
20Jill SuarezKoshare1:12:29Colorado Springs, CO
21Eric GrattonWillie1:12:30 Dumont, CO
22Steve IndrehusEarl1:12:31Dumont, CO
23John DavisNester1:13:58Frederick, CO
24Trevor WalkerComet1:15:35Conifer, CO
25Amanda WalkerPritze1:15:36Conifer, CO
26Amy AbramsTonto1:15:57San Diego, CA
27Chris WestermanBullwinkle1:16:35Parker, CO
28Bill LeeMr. Ziffle1:16:36 Idaho Springs, CO
29Bailey WannMoose1:20:55Highlands Ranch, COYouth Gift
30Terry JonesMisty1:21:36Conifer, CO
31Caitlin HowardTitus1:21:37Conifer, CO
32Tim JohnsonJasper1:21:38Arvada, CO
33Rachel VanderHoevenGoldie1:21:38Highlands Ranch, CO
34Bonnie WannJasper (Little)1:22:00Highlands Ranch, COYouth Gift
35Blair SmithApache1:23:40Larkspur, CO
36Cori CharvatAce1:25:16Conifer, CO
37Joy HowellMarsha1:26:55Broomfield, CO
38Allen OlsonPerry1:29:00Albany, GA
39Carol YarchoScratch1:31:09Lakewood, CO
40John SchwabPiper1:31:10Colorado Springs, CO
41Betty SchwabDoc Holiday1:13:11Colorado Springs, CO
42Emily WannJethro1:31:39Highlands Ranch, CO
43Shanua AmickGuinness1:32:36Lakewood, CO
44Brad WannNatasha1:36:21Highlands Ranch, CO
45Kelsie SeacatButtercup1:36:21Highlands Ranch, COYouth Gift
46Patty BlockLilly1:36:30San Diego, CA
47Peter RiccThumper1:36:40Denver, CO
48Shelley HallLucky1:36:54Vail, CO
49Katie LoydSir Mighty Jinks1:51:20Greenwood Village, CO
50Jen DziuvenisClaire1:51:21Greenwood Village, CO
51Margi GreeneDLulu2:11:54San Diego, CA
52Ed MighellPatience2:26:04Denver, CO
53Aliya LopezGeorge Washington (G.W.)2:26:05Englewood, COYouth Gift
54Judy FithianDaisey2:26:06Falcon, CO
55Eric SeifertCandy2:26:34Lakewood, CO
56Kristi SeacatAmos2:27:07Highlands Ranch, CO
57Marlin HallBlaster3:52:00Rancho Cucamunga, CA
58Diane LevinPearl4:00:40Edwards, CO
59Claudia SmithGingerDNFLarkspur, CO
60Glen JonesJosieDNFHighlands Ranch, CO

2013 World Championship Pack Burro Race -- Burro Days
Fairplay, Colorado – July 28, 2013

Long Course – 29 miles

Place Runner Burro Hometown Time
1Hal WalterFull Tilt BoogieWestcliffe, CO5:25:23
2George ZackJackBroomfield, CO5:25:25
3Karen ThorpeKokomoSalida, CO5:37:18
4Diane VanderhoevenStashHighlands Ranch, CO7:00:09
5Jim AndereggGusSalida, CO7:00:10
6Lindsey LighthizerSpikeBuena Vista, CO7:18:19
7Craig KempScratchWhitefish, MT7:18:20
8David CarnerSmokeyLouisville, CO7:18:21
9Mary KuehsterNuggetCastle Rock, CO7:46:27
10John AndersonBusterPleasantville, NY3:41:30
11Caitlin HowardTitusConifer, CO7:46:36
12Chris WestermanWillyParker, CO7:46:45
13Curtis ImrieLittle Menokin WillieBuena Vista, CO9:06:45
14Steve IndrehusEarlDumont, CO9:22:10
15Bill LeeMr. ZiffelIdaho Springs, COapprox 11:15:00

Short Course – 15 miles

Place Runner Burro Hometown Time
1Rick PedrettiDakotaDeSoto, WI2:11:21
2Steve KuehsterFinneganCastle Rock, CO2:11:23
3Joel MalanderBuck WheatLittleton, CO2:11:46
4Louise KuehsterPandoraCastle Rock, CO2:11:23
5John VincentCrazy HorseFranktown, CO2:11:52
6Roger PedrettiLaredoLaCrosse, WI2:26:38
7Leah NicholsonTurboLeadville, CO2:45:25
8Steve HartStellaArvada, CO3:01:20
9Trevor WalkerCometConifer, CO3:02:56
10Graeme DuncanPritzyEvergreen, CO3:02:57
11Tammy PedrettiSamaritanDeSoto, WI3:08:23
12K.C.YoungDakotaFort Collins, CO3:08:29
13Ralph HerzogRubyFairplay, CO3:11:00
14Randy PedrettiJavaAlgonquin, IL3:15:13
15Mike VannCashManitou Springs, CO3:17:22
16Ross KellerThe Famous Miss BlissParker, CO3:18:07
17Heddie HallKoshareVail, CO3:26:33
18Dave TenEyckHutchLeadville, CO3:32:26
19Nathalie EddyBig ChiefLeadville, CO3:32:52
20Sheri ThompsonMiss MaggieLarkspur, CO3:32:55
21Greg SalvesenBanditBoulder, CO3:57:19
22Jon DavisBullwinkleFredrick, CO3:58:32
23Bailey WannMooseHighlands Ranch, CO4:00:25
24Tim JohnsonJasperDenver, CO4:00:53
25Greg BradleyNesterLittleton, CO4:02:49
26Patti PedrettiNatashaAlgonquin, IL4:02:50
27Joanna SchwabDocColorado Springs, CO4:03:08
28Jen DziuvenisGuinessLouisville, CO4:05:48
29Dr. Blair SmithApacheLarkspur, CO4:08:46
30Jennifer PoultonNovaBayfield, CO4:59:12
31Sandi WethingtonButtercupCincinnatti, OH4:59:13
32Erica PayneThumperWestminster, CO5:28:14
33Annabel SaundersKonaPleasantville, NY5:28:38
34Richard EmondJeffersonCanon City, CO5:52:16
35Emily WannJethroHighlands Ranch, CO5:53:24
36Kelly SchwabApacheBlack Forest, CO6:05:40
37John SchwabPiperBlack Forest, CO6:05:41

Leadville, Colorado – August 4, 2013

Open Race – 22 miles

Place Runner Age Burro Burro Age Time Hometown Prize
1Karen Thorpe42Kokomo?3:41:30Salida, CO$1000
2Hal Walter53Boogie103:43:17Westcliffe, CO$700
3John Vincent56Crazy Horse104:27:47Franktown, CO$400
4Caitlin Howard30Titus64:32:09Conifer, CO$250
5John Anderson43Buster94:32:11Pleasantville, NY$100
6Steve Kuehster (MIR)57Finnegan154:32:14Castle Rock, CO$80
7George Zack43Jade104:38:58Broomfield, CO$70
8Rick Pedretti47Dakota144:39:40DeSoto, WI$50
9Trevor Walker41Comet54:45:05Conifer, CO
10Graeme Duncan37Pritzy54:45:06Unknown
11David Carner47Smokey65:00:17Louisville, CO
12Steve Indrehus (Most Improved Runner)45Scratch65:00:18Dumont, CO$400
13Danny Ginojek46Marsha75:46:42Silverthorne, CO
14Curt Imrie66Willie135:51:16Buena Vista, CO
15Lindsey Lighthizer30Spike195:51:18Buena Vista, CO
16K. C. Young22Dakota96:24:23Ft. Collins, CO
17Paul Anderson34Natasha76:39:42Leadville, CO
18John Little67Nestor256:39:43Spirit Lake, IA
19Jim Mayo63Mr. Ziffle196:39:44Coppell, TX
20Bill Lee64Doc96:39:45Idaho Springs, CO
21Taylor Tomasello29Willie86:56:29Winter Park, CO
22Patrick Sweeney34Samaritan147:05:11Manhattan Beach, CA
23Jeff Bennett (Last Ass Up the Pass)46Bullwinkle177:59:00Irving, TX
24Shelby Nixon44Jasper4DNFLouisville, TX

Leadville Womens' Course - 15 Miles

Place Runner Age Burro Burro Age Time Hometown Prize
1Diane Vanderhoeven51Stash72:17:37Highlands Ranch, CO$800
2Louise Kuehster17Pandora52:17:44Castle Rock, CO$400
3Leah Nicholson26Java152:21:33Leadville, CO$300
4Tracy Loughlin35Laredo142:33:30Boulder, CO$150
5Jeni Windorski36Smokey152:49:43Leadville, CO$100
6Mary Kuehster51Nugget142:55:27Castle Rock, CO$60
7Annabel Saunders47Kona53:04:12Pleasantville, NY$50
8Jill Suarez48Zeb133:04:25Colorado Spring, CO$35
9Elane Flower-Madulin65Zip53:08:24Unknown, CA
10Shelley Hall51Koshare133:08:26Vail, CO
11Sheri Thompson46Miss Maggie63:08:55Larkspur, CO
12Nathalie Eddy40Peckinpah203:12:18Unknown, NY
13Jen Dziuvenis33Guinness174:30:03Louisville, CO
14Bailey Wann15Moose14DNFHighlands Ranch, CO
15Emily Wann18Buttercup5DNFHighlands Ranch, CO

2013 Buena Vista Gold Rush Days Pack Burro Race
Buena Vista, Colorado – August 11, 2013

Short Course – 12 miles

Place Runner Burro Time Prize
1Patrick SweeneyScratch1.35.26$700
2Barbara DolanrDakota1.35.34$500
3Steve KuehsterFinnegan1.35.35 Horse$300
4Louise KuehsterPandora1.35.36$175
5John VincentCrazy Horse1.38.44$150
6Diane VanderhoevenStash1.38.54$125
7Tracy LaughlinLaredo1.54.47$100
8Leah NicholsonJava1.54.48$75
9Trevor WalkerComet2.15.33$50
10Annabel SaundersKona2.15.35$40
11Elaine FlowerZip2.15.38$35
12Ross KellerGuinness2.19.09
13Mike VannCash2.28.27
14Clark DyerMordecai2.28.28
15Ralph HerzogRuby2.32.07
16Jill SuarezKoshare2.33.37
17Dave Ten EyckHutch2.37.31
18Tyler TomaselloJack2.41.17
19Cassandra JohnsonNatasha2.41.21
20Tim JohnsonMr. Ziffel2.41.36
21Tony WhiteRosco2.48.52
22Curtis ImrieBig Chief3.06.25
23Nathalie EddyMaasai3.06.26
24Blair SmithApache3.14.49
25John SchwabPiper3.24.32
26Joanna SchwabDoc3.24.33
27Jen DziuvenisMiss Bliss3.39.15
28Abbey HeideMarsha3.39.17
29Heidi HeideNestor3.39.20
30Bailey WannMoose3.46.46
31Bonnie WannJasper3.47.36
32Sam JohnsonJasper (Big)4.19.16
33Richard EmondJefferson4.22.13
34Paige KrekelerAmos4.26.15
35Tyler OglesbyCandyDNF
36Terry JonesMistyDNF
37Stephanie JohnsonWillieDNF
38Amanda WalkerPritzieDNF

Long Course - 18 Miles

Place Runner Burro Time Prize
1Karen ThorpeKokomo2.37.51$900
2Hal WalterFull Tilt Boogie2.38.09$700
3Jim AndereggGus3.24.01$500
4David CarnerSmokey3.24.28$300
5Danny GnojekZeb3.24.29$250
6Caitlin HowardTitus3.34.02$175
7John AndersonBuster3.34.03$100
8Mary KuehsterNugget3.46.46$75
9Lindsey LighthizerSpike4.32.22
10Bill LeeDoc5.49.11Last Ass!